Edu Solutions Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. was incepted in March 2013 with the vision to cater to candidates’ aspiring to study abroad right from Undergraduate studies to Masters, an MBA or a PhD. We intend on achieving this by assisting them both inside and outside the classroom and their workspace to help them get into the Top Universities / Business Schools globally.

  • Edu Solutions Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has successfully carried out its Study Abroad Division by managing and delivering, Asia’s Number 1 Test Prep and Admission Consulting Company, Prep Zone in India. Prep Zone is a Singapore-based Test Preparation and Admission Consulting with offices in China as well.

  • Edu Solutions Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. also organizes International Camps for students to Singapore and other countries to help candidates enhance their profiles outside classroom.

  • Additionally, Edu Solutions Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. works closely with various Extracurricular Activity associates across Maharashtra to mediate martial arts, dancing, horseback riding, shooting, swimming and various other activities to students.

  • Edu Solutions Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has recently ventured into Campus Visits by International Universities to Top Schools in Maharashtra as an intermediary for International Undergraduate Recruitment.

  • Lastly, Edu Solutions Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. aims at teaching Students Life Skills such as leadership and teamwork amongst others to build a quality, social, emotional, intelligent and future-ready citizen.


Edu Solutions Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. essentially wants to help candidates both inside and outside the classroom with their future aspirations.


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Keerthy Kristopher
Iunia Pasca
Academic Head
Aarti N Kukreja
Head – Education & Partnerships
Sudharshan Shettigar
Mahesh Mishra
Dharmendra Pandey
Deepija Shetty


Head Office, Mumbai

Sapphire Bldg,
6th Floor, Office No. 602,
S.V. Road, 1st Road, Khar(W)
Mumbai – 400052, India.
Tel. No.: 22 2605 3400 / 4200 / 5800

Navi Mumbai Office

Level 13, Platinum Techno Park,
Plot No 17/18, Sector 30-A
Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400705
Tel. No.: 022 6554 3777

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